Look, Measure, Map.

Aerial Surveying & Inspections

Drone Survey and Mapping

Building, landscape and Roof inspections can be required for a range of reasons, but ultimately they can help you to identify, address and eliminate any potential or historic issues before they become problems.

The benefit of this for domestic customers is that issues caught early will can potentially save you thousands on future bills if it isnt known about or dealth with.

Getting a roof inspected using traditional means involves potentially having expensive scaffolding erected just to find a problem then left for weeks while its rectified.

By leveraging UAS platforms we can detect any problems providing ultra-clear images, video and maps to enable workers to prepare in advance minimise disruption and cost.

For industrial clients we offer a full stack visual and mapping service for buildings and large-scale projects such as construction sites or farms.

In addition to bespoke one-off inspections our pre-built flight plans allow us to repeat fly missions on a regular or aad-hoc basis.

All our flights are carried out in accordance with current health & safety and CAA regulations and we carry a minimum of £5 million in public liability.

Event Photography

Our Work
Titan Cardiff Case Study

Titan Cardiff

Having prevously obtained aeriel footage for Live Nation of the location of what was to be become Titan Cardiff, we were glad to be asked back.

Castell Coch Case Study

Castell Coch

Our client wanted some stunning autumn views of Castell Coch and the surrounding area looking across the valley.

Blacnavon Case Study


The world heritage site of Blaenavon in South Wales is a town that is a showcase of life back in the heybday of king coal and irom works.